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    Beach for Memorial Day Weekend? It's not too late!

    As a personal trainer and nutritionist, people always ask me "What are some quick fixes before a big event or a beach trip?" Even though with proper diet and training noticeable results typically take 4-6 weeks, here are 10 things you can do if you only have a week or less. 

    1) Cut out if's and's or butt's. It's extra calories that you don't need.

    2) Exercise: get in a daily 30 min total body circuit workout which includes lots of body weight exercises. Typically you want a day of rest in between the workouts, but you're in a time crunch, so no worries, you're not going to "overdo it". Here is a workout you can do at home without any equipment. Repeat each exercise for 1 min with little/no rest in between until you reach 30 min. Don't forget a 5 min cool down and stretch.


    -Push-ups (modified are ok if you can't do regular push-ups)

    -Jumping Jacks

    -Bicycles (abs)


    -Tricep dips

    -High knees


    -Mountain Climbers

    3) Try to sneak in exercise whenever you can. Take your kids to the park to play, go for a walk with a friend, sneak in some stairs as you're doing housework or  even "the horizontal mambo" will count... you're welcome, guys: )

    4) Cut back on carbohydrates: Get your carbohydrates in early in the day, pre and post workout only. No carbs past 3 pm. Stick to 1/2 c plain oatmeal or 1 slice Ezekiel bread

    5) Center your meals around protein, veggies and healthy fats! (and no, potatoes do not count as a vegetable in this instance)

    6) Reduce your sugar to only 10g a day. This means read every label and count every gram of sugar you put in your body. It will be hard, but its only for a week or less, so suck it up so you don't have to suck it in!

    7) Cut back on sodium: It might make food taste better, but it makes your body look's not worth it! Don't eat anything canned and don't salt your food.

    8) Pig out! on green leafy veggies that is....kale, spinach, spring mix, collards.... are all great. In addition eat some cucumbers and asparagus which naturally help flush your body of extra fluid.

    9) Drink a ton of water! Well atleast a gallon.... but drink as much as you can. It helps flush out fat and any extra water your body might be holding on to. If you're not a water drinker, like myself, flavor it with mint, lemon/lime juice, cucumber slices, strawberrries or watermelon. 

    10) Rock that body! There is nothing you can eat or drink to give you confidence, that has to come from within. So go out there and show off your best features and feel great about yourself. A great personality and confidence will always outshine good looks!

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